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  • Flu vaccines now available

    Flu vaccines for those eligible under the government programme are now available.

    We will be running flu vaccine clinics, and have invited all those 65 and over to book in.  Please phone us on 9747 5800 for your appointment.

    If you are not over 65 but know that you are eligible (e.g pregnant, or have an eligible chronic condition) you can also book in to the flu clinic.  See further information below.

    Our supply of subsidised vaccines is very limited, and we continue to request more deliveries.  This means that we only have enough for the flu clinics — please do book in to the clinics to ensure that you get yours.

    If you are not eligible for a government subsidised vaccine, you will need to see your GP to get a prescription for the immunisation.  Our nurses can then give you the injection at  time that suits you.

    Flu clinics are scheduled for the following dates, between 9am and 5 pm. More clinics may be booked when we receive further vaccine supply:

    Monday 11 April

    Tuesday 12 April

    Wednesday 13 April

    Thursday 14 April

    Friday 15 April

    Monday 18 April

    Tuesday 19 April

    Thursday 21 April

    Friday 22 April




  • Flu vaccines 2016

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    Flu vaccines are expected to be available soon, but we are not yet booking appointments for flu clinics.

    We expect to receive the government-funded flu vaccines in early April.  These will be ‘quadrivalent’ vaccines, protecting against 4 strains of influenza.

    Vaccines can be supplied free of charge to the following groups of people:

    • Everyone aged 65 years or over
    • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people under 5 or over 15 years old
    • Pregnant people
    • People with chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, severe asthma, lung conditions, heart disease or low immunity

    If you are in one of these groups, you can book in to the flu vaccine clinics.  We will make an announcement when the clinics are open for booking.

    If you are not in one of these groups, your doctor can write a prescription for a flu vaccine, which you can collect at the pharmacy for us to administer.

    Flu vaccines are already available on prescription at many pharmacies, but please note that we would recommend getting a ‘quadrivalent’ vaccine and not a trivalent one if possible even if you have to wait another few weeks.

    Please see this link for further information:

  • Renovations

    We have added 6 brand new consulting rooms to our medical centre.  After a few weeks of building, the rooms are ready to start operation.

    We hope the building work did not cause too much inconvenience, and hope the new rooms allow us to improve our service.

  • Health assessment, over 75

    Our doctors recommend a health assessment for every over 75 year old once a year. This in-depth assessment is a way of identifying health issues that are potentially preventable or amenable to early treatment to improve health and quality of life.

  • Health assessment, 45-49 year old

    A health assessment is recommended for everyone aged 45-49 who has a specific risk factor for developing a chronic disease. These risk factors include smoking, overweight, high blood pressure or a family history of chronic disease.

  • Minor surgery

    Many of our doctors are skilled at minor surgery. Procedures such as excisions of moles or skin cancers, and resection of ingrown toenails are regularly performed. We can also treat warts, skin tags, lipomas, cysts and boils.

  • Wound management

    Our nursing team provides high quality care for all wounds that require dressings. Please make an appointment with our nursing staff should you require a dressing. You will need to purchase and supply the dressings and bandages, as there is no Medicare or PBS subsidy.

  • Pregnancy

    All of our doctors can help you plan and manage the early stages of pregnancy. We recommend discussing pregnancy with your doctor as far in advance as possible.

  • New patients

    We welcome new patients. Please make a double appointment if you are a new to the medical centre, or if you have not visited for some time.

  • Travel medicine

    It is important to seek the advice of your doctor at least 6 weeks before you travel overseas. We can help make you aware of any medical risks, optimise your own treatment, and administer vaccines or prescribe anti-malarials if necessary.

  • Long appointments

    Our standard appointment time is 12-15 minutes (as recommended by RACGP). If you think you need more time than this, please ask reception to book you a double appointment.

  • GP Management Plans

    The Chronic Disease Management (CDM) Medicare items enable GPs to plan and coordinate the health care of patients with chronic or terminal medical conditions, including patients with these conditions who require multidisciplinary care.

Is it time for a preventative check-up?

Is it time for a preventative check-up?