Do you need urgent medical help?

When Westcare is closed, urgent medical attention can still be arranged:

  • In an emergency, dial 000 and ask for an ambulance
  • Call ALMS on 13 26 60
  • Arrange for someone to take you to the emergency department
  • Attend Melton Health Urgent Care (7am to 11pm daily)


About the locum service

ALMS is a locum service that covers Westcare when we are closed.  The information below is from their website, found here:


GP2home is a doctor home visit service provided by the Australian Locum Medical Service to residents of metropolitan Melbourne.

All patients can access these after hours home-visiting medical service if their postcode falls within our coverage area (all of Melton does).

This house call service is bulk-billed and there are no out of pocket costs if you are registered with Medicare or Veterans Affairs.

If medical attention is required after hours and it’s not an emergency, patients or their carers may ring our call centre and request a Doctor to make a house call. Phone calls are triaged by suitably qualified and experienced staff and relayed to our doctors in the field.

Patients are telephoned by the treating doctor prior to attendance and reassured that they will be consulted in a medically appropriate timeframe.

Patients may be provided with valuable self care management advice prior to the doctor’s actual arrival and are appropriately referred to emergency services if required.

A detailed treatment report of each consultation may be forwarded to the patient’s regular General Practitioner.