What to do in an emeregency

In a medical emergency, ring 000 and ask for an ambulance.   As an example, the following symptoms should be considered an emergency:

  • Chest pain, or sudden onset shortness of breath.  Symptoms of heart attack may include pain, pressure, heaviness or tightness in one or more parts of the upper body including chest, neck, jaw, arm(s), shoulder(s) or back in combination with other symptoms such as nausea, shortness of breath, dizziness or a cold sweat.
  • Weakness of one side of face, one arm or leg, or slurred speech which might be signs of a stroke
  • Unexplained collapse or seizure
  • Head injury with loss of consciousness, loss of memory, nausea or vomiting

It the matter is less pressing, but still urgent, seek medical attention right away.

During Westcare’s opening hours, you should phone 9747 5800 and ask to see the nurse for urgent triage.  The nurse will help you arrange urgent assistance.

If Westcare is closed, you can attend a hospital emergency department (Western Hospital Sunshine or Footscray), or Melton Health urgent care.

If you are very unwell, do not to drive the car.