About us

What makes us different

Westcare Medical Centre has been providing outstanding medical care in Melton since 1989.

We have worked hard to recruit the very best GPs. Our doctors all share an understanding of what it means to be a great GP, and have achieved the highest qualifications. We take extra care to really listen and really understand your needs. We are up to date and knowledgable. We have a very broad range of interests, but all of our doctors are true General Practitioners and can see patients of all ages and with any medical concerns.

Our loyal patients know that we are a teaching and training centre for GP registrars. This is what helps us keep the quality of care at a high standard — we teach by example and don’t cut corners. We have won national awards, and many of our Registrars have stayed on to establish their practices with us.

We want to make it easy for you to see your own doctor. You can book all our doctors online, and we are working on being available when you need us, even in the early morning, later in the evening or on Saturday. If you can’t see an appointment with your doctor online, please phone us and ask if an appointment can be made available for you. During the COVID pandemic, we will contact everyone by telehealth of phone first, but if you need examination or a procedure you will be invited to come in at a convenient time.

We are proud of the feedback we receive about quality of care. If you are not happy with us then we ask you to contact us and we will do our best to rectify the situation.

Fees and Medicare

We are a private billing medical centre. This means we don’t normally “bulk bill” Medicare when you attend.

Unfortunately Medicare rebates have not risen with inflation for years, and have fallen way behind the cost of providing proper medical care.

And the incentives that were put in place in early 2020 for Covid-19 have now also been removed.

Consultation fees (telehealth, telephone or in-person)

Standard consultation (up to 20 minutes)                      $75
Comprehensive consultation (up to 30 minutes)          $120

Please also note that from July 2021 the maximum Medicare rebate for a telephone call is $39.10. This means that if you need a longer consultation on the telephone with your doctor that there will be a much larger out-of-pocket gap fee. Video consultations can still get the higher rebates, but the Government have deliberately cut the rebates for long telephone calls. An exception applies when we are a “Covid Hotspot”. Please ask your doctor if you need clarification.