Westcare Medical Centre is now vaccinating against Covid for everyone aged 50 or over.

How to book or reserve a vaccine:

  1. Click the link above
  2. Enter your date of birth, name and mobile phone number (you must have a mobile number, either yours or a family member or friend)
  3. Click “Existing patient” if you have been to Westcare before, or “New patient” if not
  4. Click the “Select Appointment Type” drop down box and choose Covid Dose 1
  5. Choose a suitable apponitment time, or click “See more times”
  6. If the vaccine is in stock you can confirm the appointment time
  7. If the vaccine is not in stock, please click to “Reserve Stock”
  8. If you have reserved stock you will receive an SMS when a delivery is received
  9. If the system won’t let you book or reserve a vaccine, please try again a few days later.

We are expecting vaccine deliveries every week from now on, and we have plenty in stock.

If you are over 50, it is your turn now. Please take the opportunity now, as in June we will be commencing dose 2 for priority groups and the appointments will be harder to find.

If you are not confident to book online please ask someone to help you. If you don’t have a mobile phone, or if you know friends or family in this position, please pass the details to us so we can help.

Eligibility reminder:

You MUST have a Medicare card. You must be aged 50 years or over.

If you are under 50 and in a high risk group, we recommend you call the Victorian Coronavirus hotline on 1800 675 398 (24 hours) or visit According to government advice, the vaccine we have in stock is not the preferred vaccine for eligible younger people.