New mole mapping – announcing the ‘Heine Cube’

We are excited to introduce the HEINE Cube system to help detect and monitor skin cancer. It does this by taking a series of pictures of your skin over time and storing them securely in our medical records. The Heine cube system is the latest in ‘body map’ technology.

This new equipment allows Dr Farrukh Tufail to diagnose skin lesions and detect the earliest changes. Comparing stored images with an existing skin lesion permits early detection of changes before they are visible to the naked eye. It helps to determine the type of lesion and whether it needs to be removed, treated by some other means or just observed. Early intervention can minimise the need for complicated surgery, and allow your mole to be treated locally without referrals to hospitals or specialist plastic surgeons.

Dr Tufail, who holds the Master of Medicine degree in Skin Cancer from the University of Queensland, is already using the Heine Cube. Book an appointment for your skin check online or call our friendly receptionists

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