If you have booked a Telehealth consultation with your doctor, please click on their name below to start the video consultation. We use COVIU, which is a secure Australian video conferencing platform. You won’t have to download any apps or software. Just enter your name and click “allow” so the camera and microphone can be turned on

We are always trying hard to run on time, but please forgive us if there is a delay. If your doctor is running late, leave your phone or computer browser connected to the “waiting room” and they will find you there when they are ready. We are sorry if you have to wait a while, but remember your doctor is probably spending the extra time that somebody really needs. If you leave the waiting room page, the doctor might not know you are waiting.

Dr Ian Heyman – click here if your appointment is booked with Ian

Dr PJ Kuruvilla – click here if your appointment is booked with PJ