The Australian Government has extended Medicare rebates for telehealth consultations until the end of June 2021.

This allows us to continue using video consultations where appropriate. For example, if you have symptoms of a respiratory illness, we would prefer to contact you via telehealth before we arrange to see you in person.

Our video appointments can be booked online, just like our normal GP appointments.

Please select “Our services” and then choose telehealth. If you don’t have a smartphone or a tablet or laptop with a webcam, you can choose a telephone appointment.

Our video consultations are now run through Automed Systems. The easiest way to run the consultation is to download their app, as prompted when you book the appointment.

We are always trying hard to run on time, but please forgive us if there is a delay. If your doctor is running late, leave your phone or computer browser connected and the doctor will find you there when they are ready. We are sorry if you have to wait a while, but remember your doctor is probably spending the extra time that somebody really needs. If you leave the waiting room page, the doctor might not know you are waiting.