Westcare is still here for you….

Westcare is still here for you….

We’ve put to together a little bit of fun to celebrate the flattening of the curve! It’s a reminder that Westcare is still open for business and keen to stay in touch with our loyal patients and friends. 

You may never have seen us like this before, but we’ve all had to make a few changes to get through the pandemic, haven’t we?!

As COVID restrictions begin to ease, here are our key messages:
– Keep up the social distancing, as the virus has not been eradicated
– Keep washing your hands and sanitising
– Do get in touch with your doctor if you are worried about your health
– Don’t delay check-ups for your ongoing medical conditions
– Don’t ignore new symptoms: your doctor is available today
– Don’t ignore your mental health, raise it with a GP you trust
– Do get tested if you have symptoms of COVID
– Telehealth and phone appointments with your GP are still available
– But if you need to be seen at the centre, we will arrange that too!

Stay safe, see you soon.

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