Telehealth available

Telehealth available

Westcare’s doctors are now accepting bookings for video or telephone consultations. We are using an Australian telehealth platform called Coviu. It is encrypted and secure, and very easy to use.

We will contact every person first by video or phone . We understand that it is a risk to come to the medical centre during the pandemic, and we would prefer to contact you by phone or video call.

If you want to have a video consultation with your doctor, please phone us or book an appointment online by clicking below.. You will be sent a link to the doctor’s ‘virtual waiting room’. You need to have a phone, tablet or iPad, or a computer with a working webcam and microphone.

Simply clicking on the link will allow you to join the video consultation. You don’t need to download any software, or go through any long sign-up process. The system will ask you to type your name, and agree to the consent form. Once you are in the virtual waiting room, you may need to wait until your doctor has finished their previous call (sorry some habits never change…).

If you do not have a webcam or smartphone, we can still do telephone consultations. Please let us know if this is what you need. Our doctors will ask questions to ensure they understand your needs. Bear in mind that the doctor won’t be able to see you and it can be difficult to get a full understanding of your medical concern.

If your doctor decides that you need further examination or a procedure you may be asked to come to Westcare. If this is required, we will take every precaution to avoid exposing you to contagion. For example, we will ask you to wait in your car rather than the waiting room, and to go straight to your doctor’s room when called. There won’t be any magazines or toys around. If you have viral symptoms you will also be required to wear a mask (we have a limited supply of these).

Please contact us with any concerns, or if you are having trouble reaching your doctor. We are here to help!

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